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REVISISED:  June 29, 2023

Q:  What is the Colony Cove Homeowners Association?

A. Our mission is to enhance and preserve the effective and efficient management of the HOA. We represent the members of the HOA in dealing with all levels of Colony Cove Park management. The HOA promotes cooperation among all clubs and works to improve the quality of life for all park residents. We exercise all rights accorded to the HOA under Florida Chapter 723 on behalf of all homeowners.

Q:  What can a mobile home HOA do and why should you join?

A:  A homeowners' association is a formal group of neighbors who come together and form an organization to act on their shared values and vision for the community. Three things are needed to make change in any community:
• A vision
• A base of people who believe in that vision
• A vehicle to organize the base.

Homeowners' associations are a vehicle manufactured homeowners can use to organize a base and promote their vision.  In a homeowners' association, all members of your mobile home community have a voice.  

Q: Why should I join the HOA?

A:  Your membership gives you a voice, and a vote for representatives who serve their community on the HOA board. The HOA board works with management to make Colony Cove the best living environment for our residents. HOA members also vote for changes in HOA Bylaws when those changes are necessary. HOA members enjoy special services including limited copying of documents in the HOA Office and notary services free of charge. 

Q:  What is the fee for joining the HOA?

 A:  Membership is available for all resident unit owners in the Colony Cove community. New residents to the community are given a first year free membership. Yearly membership fees are $20 per household. A discounted price of $35 buys a two-year membership.

Membership applications are available on the Colony Cove website and are available in every hall. Payment can be made by cash or check. Checks should be made payable to Colony Cove Homeowners Association and mailed to 7615 Lakeshore Dr., Ellenton, FL 34222. Applications and payment are accepted during office hours at the HOA Office, located in Harmony Hall Annex. The application and payment can also be dropped in any securely locked HOA suggestion box (located in each Colony Cove hall).

Q:  What laws govern Florida Mobile Home Parks?

A:  Mobile Home Parks are covered under Florida in Statute 723.

Q:  What is a ‘prospectus’ and how does it apply to me?

A:   A prospectus is provided to a purchasing homeowner at the time of purchase. There are currently 6 versions of prospectuses used in the Colony Cove community. The length of time that a homeowner has lived in the Cove dictates which version of prospectus applies to that residence. All of the prospectuses were reviewed a few years ago and minor changes were made and filed through DBPR which “aligned” them.  The updated prospectus would have been mailed to residents at that time along with the rent increase notice.  The prospectus is the document that outlines the rules and regulations applicable to living in the Cove and contains details about yearly land rent increases. Over time, the HOA has negotiated changes with park management. These changes result in new prospectuses for incoming residents.  Questions on the prospectus should be directed to the Colony Cove Management office.

Q:  Where can I obtain an HOA membership application?

A:  Applications are available at all Community Halls, at the HOA office located in Harmony Hall Annex and at Friendly Social Club Coffee on Saturday from 8-9 am.  You can also print the application from the HOA website here (will add a link to it) and then either mail it or drop it into an HOA box in a hall or bring it to the HOA office. 

Q:  How often does the board meet?

A:  Official board meetings are typically monthly, though special meetings and/or committee meetings can occur more frequently.  Board meeting and membership meeting schedules are posted on the HOA website at  Meeting dates and times are announced by postings on bulletin boards in all community halls, on the official HOA Facebook site, and on the HOA website at least 48 hours before each meeting.

Q:  Where can I find the HOA bylaws?

A:  Bylaws are posted on the HOA website A hard copy can be requested from the HOA office at Harmony Hall Annex.  There is also a copy that can be viewed at the HOA office.

Q:  A Homeowner wants to register a complaint, suggestion or concern to ELS Management.  What is the proper procedure?

A:  Homeowner should fill out the WHITE Colony Cove Comment Form. These can be located at each hall.  Make a copy for yourself and then take the original to the ELS Management Office. Please follow up with the ELS Management Office on the status of your concern/complaint within 30 days.  Safety issues should receive higher priority. If you do not receive a response or your issue is not resolved after 30 days, please fill out the YELLOW HOA Resolution form, also located at each Hall.  Attach your copy of the completed WHITE Colony Cove Comment form to the YELLOW HOA Resolution form.  Make a copy of BOTH for your records.  The original YELLOW HOA Resolution Form and attached copy of the WHITE Colony Cove Comment form should be dropped off at the HOA office or can be deposited in one of the HOA Drop boxes located in each hall. Please continue to contact the ELS Management Office on the status of your comment!   The HOA will now also follow up on your concern or complaint.  

Please note that each Comment/Complaint form MUST be signed. The HOA will NOT act on Anonymous complaints.

Q:  How do I find a licensed and insured subcontractor to perform work on my home?

A:  Some contractors who are not licensed and insured enter our community looking for work. While they may quote a less expensive price, keep in mind that hiring them presents a risk to the homeowner. Not every contractor is honest and able to perform quality work. In the past, residents have made deposits with unlicensed contractors who are not insured, and have never seen those contractors again. Unfortunately, there are contractors who will scam a senior without regard for that person's financial situation. For your safety, we recommend only contracting with licensed and insured companies. Obtain a copy of the license and insurance declaration page prior to hiring any contractor. We also recommend obtaining a contract and proposal, outlining work to be performed and cost for the work prior to the start of any job. It is always best to get more than one estimate for comparison purposes before signing a contract.

Q: What is SIGNAL’s job?  

A:   SIGNAL Phone Number - 941-254-6557
Signal is a courtesy non-emergency patrol that is in Colony Cove to provide non-emergency assistance.  Residents should call 911 for any emergency.

Q: Are guests allowed in the pools and gyms?

A: Yes, if the guest is registered through the Colony Cove management office, and if the guest abides by the community rules. Registered guests are issued a Colony Cove wristband, which must be worn when using the pools and gyms. In order for your guest to attend events in the halls at Colony Cove, the guest must have an ID card issued by the Management Office.  You can register your guest ahead of their arrival if you have a copy of their driver’s license.  You can show that to the office and they will issue both a wristband and ID card.   

These MUST be returned to the office after the date indicated on the application that your guests will depart the community.

Q: My neighbor’s house is a mess; why isn't anything being done about it?

A: Residents who have this complaint should notify the Colony Cove Management Office and relay the address of the home in question and the details of the situation. The office will contact the leaseholder of the property. Correcting the situation is a process that takes time. Management is not permitted to relay information about the progress on these types of complaints. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Community office at 941.722.6683.

Q: My Lawn is not being cut properly or not at all. Who do I contact?

A:  If your lawn is not being cut properly or a cutting was missed, please fill out the Lawn Maintenance Comment form and drop it off at the Management office. The electronic form can also be found on the Useful Forms page of the HOA website.  The form will submit to the Management Office once you fill it in completely and click the submit button.  You must fill in your name and location as anonymous form submissions will not be reviewed.  Most often, this can be corrected in a day or so.  As a reminder, grass cutting is reduced to once a month during the off-season months. Beginning with the month of April, the lawn service will cut the grass twice per month or more often as we get further into the growing season.  During the rainy season, the lawn service may not be able to mow weekly due to the saturated ground.

The most common problem with maintaining a lawn is that many residents are not fertilizing. As a result, weeds grow at a much faster rate than healthy grass. This results in a need to cut more frequently. Per the prospectus, residents are required to perform the following:  "A Community-approved fertilization plan for lawn maintenance is to be done at least twice per year."

Q:  What are phone numbers I may need to keep available to me for emergencies?

A:  Colony Cove Management Office: (941) 722-6683
Hours:  Monday thru Friday – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Closed for lunch 12-1
Saturday – 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Closed for lunch 12-12:30
Sunday - Closed

Manatee County Sheriff: (941) 747-3011 941
SIGNAL:  (941) 254-6557
Emergency:  911

Q:  Can I park my trailer and/or boat in my driveway if I have one?

A:  No, unfortunately this is not allowed in the prospectus.

Q:  Am I allowed to have guests or visiting nurses if they have to park in the street or will they get towed?

A:  Residents are allowed to have guests; your guest would need to put a note in the driver's side windshield stating your address and that they are visiting.  No overnight parking is ever permitted, and vehicles cannot be blocking the roadway or be close to an intersection due to safety.  Residents are NOT permitted to park their own vehicles in the street unless temporarily loading/unloading (should not be more than 15 minutes).  If you are working on your driveway, put a note in your window to that effect.

Q:  What do I do if my lawn was missed or I have damage from lawn service?

A:  Please notify the Colony Cove office or fill out the online issue form, located on the Colony Cove Residents Facebook page under forms. The form is also located on the HOA site under useful forms.

Q:  Where can I find the rules and regulations as printed by the Colony Cove Management Office?

A:  The back of the 2023 Resident Directory starting on page 30 lists the rules and regulations for Colony Cove.  You can obtain a copy of the Directory at the Colony Cove office.


A:  Here is an explanation of what this means to Colony Cove residents.

Under Florida law, a mobile home that has not been registered with the county and is located on land owned by another (such as ELS Corporation) is identified as a motor vehicle. That mobile homeowner is not protected from forced sale in ANY legal action. Registering your home by declaring your domicile under Florida Statute 222.05 protects a mobile homeowner from a lawsuit that may threaten forced sale. If your mobile home is your homestead, and if you file a Declaration of Domicile with the clerk of Manatee County under Florida Statute 222.05, then your home has protection from forced sale in any legal action. The form for this filing is available at the HOA Office in Harmony Hall Annex, and is also available at the Manatee County Courthouse, 1115 Manatee Ave., Bradenton FL. The form must be signed in front of a notary.

More info on Declaring your Domicile:
The place where you live with the intent of making it your permanent residence is your domicile. You cannot have more than one, and you must spend a greater percentage of the year in your declared state than anywhere else. This also involves terminating your legal residence in a former state.

Florida Statute §222.17 provides that a person can show intent to maintain a Florida residence as a permanent home by filing a sworn Declaration of Domicile with the clerk of the circuit court. The document must be signed in front of a deputy clerk or notary public. Acceptable forms of identification include a state-issued ID card or a driver’s license from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Other forms of identification are described in Chapter 117.
Under penalty of perjury, you must declare whether you have another home in a different state, and if so, you must confirm that Florida will be your principal residence. Once submitted, the document will be recorded in the public records of the county where you live.

A Declaration of Domicile is not required to move to Florida, but it can be especially helpful when severing ties with states for income and estate tax purposes. That process is not automatic. Taking additional steps will strengthen your position should a former state attempt to collect. Purchasing real property, such as the house, condominium or other place you wish to establish your legal residence can provide homestead status. Using your new Florida residence to file federal income taxes and updating your estate planning documents can also be an effective means to cut ties with a former state and enjoy Florida’s low tax benefits.

A Fillable PDF form that you can print afterwards and take to the clerk is available and can be accessed here:

Click here to access the Form location.
From State dropdown select - ‘Florida’
Fill in County – Manatee 

Q:  What is the web address of the Resident Portal?

A:  Community Resident Portal ( -  If you do not have a login or know your login or have any issues accessing, please call the Colony Cove Management Office.  


Q:  Is it true that Colony Cove has changed its community rules?

A:  No, the rules are the same as filed with the State of Florida and made part of the prospectus.  The only modification made recently is a change in amenity use, clubs/groups can no longer charge for entrance to our buildings since they are for the use of all residents and registered guests, and they can no longer require you to join a club/group to participate.  (Obtained from Management Office Facebook site posting dated June 13, 2023)

Q:  Where can I find the rules and regulations for Colony Cove in writing?

A:  You can obtain a Colony Cove Resident Directory from the Office.  These are printed by the Colony Cove Management Office each year and are only available at the CC Office.  At the back of the Directory are the Rules and Regulation as published by the Management Office. These can be found in the 2023 directory starting on page 30.  



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